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Help people feel healthy, safe, & happy again.

Tools and inspiration for designing spaces that support the new normal of work, business, and life.

This unifying pandemic experience we’re going through is requiring businesses to design new permanent experiences on the heels of crisis-driven closures and make-shift temporary solutions.


To be among the trusted brands that survive these challenging times, on-site experiences must anticipate the well-being of every guest and protect the wounded psyche of those who crave the joy of things like trying on new shoes or having their luggage delivered to a hotel room.


These experiences will remain possible, but they must be different. The role of physical space will be enhanced as new procedures communicated via architectural surfaces like commercial flooring provide obvious solutions.


Cleanliness and clear communication are imperative, as are trust and comfort. Well-designed, brand-appropriate safe social distancing messaging thoughtfully integrated into spaces will calm fears of guests and employees by clearly communicating that things are different – by design.


Because it's time for a healthy new normal.

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