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Help your customers practice safe social distancing behaviors in retail, office, and all commercial settings with simple to install, temporary or semi-permanent alterations to existing floors and architectural surfaces. 

Temporary Floor Stickers

Safe distancing messages designed with great customer experience in mind


Temporary stickers for floors promote safe social ​distancing behaviors.

Quality adhesive stickers for indoor or outdoor use.


Welcome workers and guests back with brand-building professionalism and style.


Ready-to-install and delivered in as little as 1 week.

Semi-Permanent Floor Tiles 

Trust-building custom brand messages for existing or new commercial floors


Custom-designed messages communicate brand appropriate safe social distancing policies in flooring or any architectural surface.

Available in finishes to complement any existing or new interior or exterior space.

Ready-to-install tiles pre-fabricated to your specifications delivered 1 week after receipt of materials.

Our Purpose

As people cautiously get back to work and life, cleanliness and clear communication are imperatives, as are trust and comfort. Well-designed, brand-appropriate messaging thoughtfully integrated into spaces will calm fears of guests and employees by clearly communicating that things are different – by design.

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